Tooth Extraction in Murfreesboro, TN

When a tooth has to be removed, you can trust the dental professionals at Magnolia Dental Group to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. We take the time to talk to you about the procedure and educate you on what is going to happen and how it is likely to feel. Keep reading to learn more about tooth extractions in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

tooth extraction at Magnolia Dental Group

What is a Tooth Extraction?

As a general dentistry service, tooth extraction is a dental term for removing a tooth from your mouth. Extractions are a cost-effective way to remove teeth that are causing you pain, are too broken to fix, or need to be removed for other purposes, such as orthodontics or dentures.

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    Why Would You Need to Get a Tooth Pulled?

    Although we like to save your natural teeth as often as possible, there are times when pulling a tooth out is necessary. For example, you may need a tooth extraction due to the following conditions:

    • Your tooth is infected and causing severe pain and swelling
    • Your tooth is broken and can no longer be restored
    • A root canal is not successful in saving your tooth
    • There is not enough room in your mouth for all your teeth
    • You are receiving an orthodontic treatment that requires a tooth removal
    • You have wisdom teeth that need removing
    • You are going to get dentures to replace your teeth

    Is Tooth Removal Painful?

    When we perform a dental extraction, we use a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth. We do everything possible to keep you comfortable during the extraction.

    What Are the Side Effects of Tooth Removal?

    Removing one or more teeth from your mouth can lead to decreased chewing abilities, which may affect your diet. It can also cause your other teeth to shift inside your mouth, changing your bite and facial structure.

    Replacing a missing tooth with one of our tooth replacement options, such as dental implants or dental bridges, is an excellent way to avoid the side effects of tooth removal.

    What Is the Recovery Time After a Dental Extraction?

    The exact recovery time depends on your specific extraction. Generally, people can resume their regular duties 24 – 48 hours after the procedure.


    Can You Leave a Dead Tooth in Your Mouth?

    You can leave a dead tooth in your mouth, but it may cause infection. Tooth infections are often very painful and can cause swelling. Infections can also spread and create more damage over time.  If you have an infected tooth, we can sometimes use root canal therapy to get rid of the infected tooth pulp. If it is successful, the tooth can be saved. 

    What is the Cost of a Tooth Extraction?

    Costs for tooth extractions vary based on the size of the tooth and the difficulty of the extraction procedure. Extracting an impacted tooth is going to cost more than a simple extraction. We will always discuss the cost of your treatments and procedures before we do them so you always know what to expect. 

     If you have a dental insurance plan, you should check to see if it covers part or all of a tooth extraction procedure.

    Need a Tooth Extraction Dentist in Murfreesboro, TN?

    If you believe you need one or more teeth removed, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at Magnolia Dental Group in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We will thoroughly examine your teeth and help you determine if a tooth extraction is necessary or if your natural tooth can be saved. If you need a dental extraction, we will work closely with you to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.